Appearing at Merlin Theatre Frome

For 1 night only Friday 26th February  TICKETS HERE


MM Frome event header FBHypnoArts™ Diversity Theatre Company, supported by the National Lottery Arts Council of England, weld the art of steampunk stage hypnotism with comedy theatre, mesmeric magic and mentalism and even a spirit cabinet seance to bring you fast, funny, fantastical empowering entertainment.

“Witty and charming adventure”  –   SteamPunk Almanac Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Cogs and costume not compulsory but dressing steampunk could win hypnotic prizes!

Victorian wide-boy Simon LeStrange, played by award-winning Holby City star Paul Henshall, is joined by his wife, ‘executive partner’ Inga LeStrange, Eva Gray and bumbling father-in-law Professor Babbage – writer, director and award winning comedy stage hypnotist Jonathan Chase.

Come with us on this unique and hilarious steam-powered adventure to discover how to make as much money as possible with as little effort as necessary.

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